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Thanksgiving Prayer Thumbnail

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is usually a festive holiday filled with a lot of laughter, friends, family, food and fellowship. Football games are enjoyed between desserts and families start bringing out the Christmas decorations. For America, the day is a celebration of the goodness we enjoy everyday. For those of us who pray, it is also a reminder of the millions others who are lonely, starving, living in povert

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Country Prayer – Idea Thumbnail

Country Prayer – Idea

For the lesson you will need paper and markers. The idea for the class is to discuss and pray for how your country can become more like what would make God happy. Below are some steps you can use but feel free to do them in any order you would like or change or add to it. Give the kids paper and markers and instruct them to make a new country. Write the laws you would like to have in your cou

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Oil Spill Prayer –  Idea Thumbnail

Oil Spill Prayer – Idea

The oil spill off the Gulf Coast of the United States has had an affect on many people. It is affecting jobs, the price of oil, wildlife, the ocean, and even land. Recently local kids prayer group prayed for the oil spill. Their leader put together a PowerPoint presentation with pictures and some brief points about what has happened with the oil spill. To show the affects that oil has she used a b

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