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Holiday of Healing: Hurting Children Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Hurting Children

“Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). Too often young children are considered insignificant and unimportant when it comes to spiritual matters. When this nonchalant attitude toward young children exists, they are neglected in prayer. If we choose to follow the example of Jesus, children will be an extremely vital part of our prayers. Jesus pressed little children and infants cl

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Thanksgiving Prayer Thumbnail

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is usually a festive holiday filled with a lot of laughter, friends, family, food and fellowship. Football games are enjoyed between desserts and families start bringing out the Christmas decorations. For America, the day is a celebration of the goodness we enjoy everyday. For those of us who pray, it is also a reminder of the millions others who are lonely, starving, living in povert

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Africa: Slavery & Famine Thumbnail

Africa: Slavery & Famine

The crisis situation in South Africa has escalated to epic proportions. Slavery in North Sudan still exists, even after South Sudan has now become its own nation. Famine in Somalia has forced thousands to flee their land as refugees to Kenya and Ethiopia, while thousands more have already died from lack of food, water, shelter and medical care. The situation is dire, and therefore, it must become

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