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Bibles for China

Amity Press is the only company in China that is allowed to print Bibles. But the government limits the number of Bibles they can print. Christians who share the gospel with others want everyone in China to have the opportunity to read the Bible. They are thankful for bold Christians who smuggle Bibles into their country.  [Kids of Courage]

You can read more about this issue and what others are doing to help in the distribution of bibles in China at this website.

Pray the following:

  • that that the government will allow Amity Press to publish as many bibles as possible
  • that the bibles that have already been printed will be put into the hands of others that will use them to spread the gospel
  • that China’s government and people will become more open to Christianity
  • that the Christians that in China will be able to hold worship services in peace and safety
  • that God will continue to draw the Chinese people to truth and reveal lies about false doctrine they may believe in
  • that God will send ministers of the gospel to preach and teach in that country and provide the funds they need to do so
  • that more Christian churches will open up in China


Recently some American Christians visited Samuel Lamb, an 86-year-old pastor in China. Pastor Lamb was in prison for 21 years for spreading the gospel in his country. His wife and father died while he was in prison.

Pastor Lamb told his Christian visitors that he called the police a couple of years ago. “You haven’t arrested me in a while,” he told the police. “You need to arrest me because every time you arrest me, the church grows more, and I want it to grow.” Pastor Lamb leads a church of 4,000 people which has grown every time he has been arrested.

The leader of the group who visited Pastor Lamb wonders, “Am I willing to suffer persecution if it means the church will grow more?”
(Source: Vision Beyond Borders)

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