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Prayer Training Seminar 2013


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November 7-9, 2013

Learn effective and creative ways to train children and youth to pray. Take kids beyond the “I have to” prayers to a daily “I want to” communication with God that changes their world. If you are an adult, parent, or children’s/youth ministry worker, this seminar is for you! Each attendee/married couple will receive a seminar syllabus and a packet of resources. 

Session topics include: 

Praying the Word of God
Building Spiritual Sensitivity in Kids and Youth
Integrating Prayer in Everyday Life
Fostering a Worldview in Prayer
Integrating Prayer into Sunday school and Children’s Church
Prayer Rooms/Stations/Themes
Teaching Prayer through Life’s Difficulties
New Prayer Tools, Games, and Ideas
How to Brainstorm for Ideas and Lessons on Prayer
Mentoring…Beyond the Classroom
Transferring Your Faith into Your Kids through Prayer
Fostering a Desire to Worship
Training Kids and Youth to Lead and Minister
Critical Learning: The Transformation Process
Teaching Strategies for KP/YP
Workshops (hands-on training session) 



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  • Trisa Sessions says:

    It would be great to have this webcast! We could still register 🙂

  • Annie says:

    It would be great to stream it so more SS teachers or youth leaders who can’t afford to come could still register and be a part of it.

  • KP Admin says:

    We actually do have streaming this year. There is an option to purchase a streaming account on the registration site. We have to charge for streaming simply because we have to pay for it ourselves and cannot go in deficit. The streaming is $80, which saves you travel, hotel, and food costs, so it saves a lot of money.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.
    Colleen Clabaugh
    World Network of Prayer
    Kids & Youth Prayer Coordinator

  • KP Admin says:

    Yes, all sessions will be streamed. We will send streaming users an electronic syllabus to use as well.

  • Cyndi says:

    Will it be recorded & will DVDs be available for purchase? If so, how much, when will they be available, & whom do we contact to purchase them? Many of our teachers work during the day, so the live stream option will not work for us after all. But we would LOVE to purchase a copy of the DVDs, that way we could schedule it when ALL our staff & church could attend, watching at our own pace. 🙂

  • Lanelle says:

    Will the sessions be archived?

    • KP Admin says:

      Rev Hopson,
      Yes, the services will be available on DVD.
      You can check back at here for information on ordering after the seminar is over.
      Lord bless you,
      Colleen Clabaugh
      Kids & Youth Prayer Coordinator