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Worship Series: What God Needs Most Thumbnail

Worship Series: What God Needs Most

The foundation of prayer is a RELATIONSHIP with God. Prayer is not just lists of things we pray about, or something we do to be powerful Christians. We can get a thousand prayers answered and we can become powerful leaders but if we don’t really KNOW God in a personal way, then prayer is nothing more than things about US and what we can get done. Jesus wants to KNOW us—that person that’s dee

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I Spy God

How do you pray to someone that you cannot see? How can you believe in something you can’t touch? Does God really even exist at all? If you’ve ask these questions, the answer is all around you. Use our I Spy God guide to help your kids discover God in a whole new way this week!   [download id="41" format="5"]

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Being Close to God

A Prayer GameChildren will toss popcorn from different distances to see that the closer they are to God, the stronger their relationship can be with Him.Materials: PopcornPreparation: NoneWhat you will do during class:First, divide the children equally and have them stand in two lines, facing each other, about 10 feet apart. Each child will need to be facing another child. The children will be tos

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