Worship Series: What God Needs Most Thumbnail

Worship Series: What God Needs Most

The foundation of prayer is a RELATIONSHIP with God. Prayer is not just lists of things we pray about, or something we do to be powerful Christians. We can get a thousand prayers answered and we can become powerful leaders but if we don’t really KNOW God in a personal way, then prayer is nothing more than things about US and what we can get done. Jesus wants to KNOW us—that person that’s deep down inside. He wants us to talk to Him like we talk to our BFFs. He wants to be our soul mate.

When we go to bad times, the only thing that will keep us is our RELATIONSHIP. It won’t matter if we won a thousand souls or laid hands on people and they were healed. What matters is that we know who to go to that will ALWAYS be there for us.

Use the following lesson with your children to discuss the way we understand love and how to love God the way He desires.

Worship Series: What God Wants Most Worship Series: What God Wants Most - Lesson on understanding love and how to love God the way He wants.


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