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Worship & Praise Wall

Since worship and praise are essential in prayer we want to make it a regular part of our time training children to pray.Children by nature are egocentric and may need a little help in this area since it doesn’t focus on their needs. Here’s a great and fun way for children to integrate worship during your prayer meetings:

1. Teach your children about worship in general – what is it, how is it different than praise, why do we do it, etc.

2. Create a wall in your room that can be written on. This may be a wall that’s covered in butcher paper, construction paper, or you may use a blackboard or caulk board squares.

3. At the start of your kid prayer meeting room (as soon as the kids enter) or at the start of your prayer time at home, have them write a praise or worship word or phrase on the wall.

This gets them used to putting God first, and gets them thinking about how great He is and how they can express that in their own words. Occasionally take a picture of your wall for a keepsake or to share.



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