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Africa’s Children

Focus prayer on a more regular basis on the fourth day of every month at 1400 hours (2 p.m.) on the 1.2 billion children around the world between the ages of 4 and 14.  Seventy percent of these children are in the most unreached areas or the World in the 10/40 Window! Pray for their basic needs of survival - food, water, crops, and livestock Pray for medicine and doctors to be available in th

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Africa: Slavery & Famine

The crisis situation in South Africa has escalated to epic proportions. Slavery in North Sudan still exists, even after South Sudan has now become its own nation. Famine in Somalia has forced thousands to flee their land as refugees to Kenya and Ethiopia, while thousands more have already died from lack of food, water, shelter and medical care. The situation is dire, and therefore, it must become

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