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Prayer Boxes

It is vital that families have times of the prayer and devotion in their home. Parents have the greatest amount of time to influence a child than anyone else, and their home should be the primary training ground. Here is another creative idea to help foster prayer and family relationships in the home.

Work with the child(ren) to create a prayer box out of a shoe box. Cover the box with paper, designs, and decorations. Do this as a family activity. As situations arise that need prayer, write them on a piece of paper and drop into the box. Each family member should do this. The requests may be for friends, family members, neighbors, or even world issues. You can include requests for teachers at school, for people who work with the parents, and financial needs. If you hear something on the news that needs prayer, write it down together as a family. Each night, take out one or more prayer requests and pray for it. Once the need has been answered, consider adding it to a Praise Box (answered prayers). 

The more a family prays together, the stronger they become. Praying together creates an atmosphere of communication and a sense that each person and their needs matter. 


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