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“Operation” Prayer

One of the fun things that kids like to play is the old “Operation” game. The game board has a human body on it with little areas cut out where strategic body parts such as the heart and stomach go. The goal is to get all the body pieces out of the hole (like a surgeon) without touching the metal edge of the opening. If you do touch the metal opening you will buzzed and lose your turn.

There are hundreds of people all over our cities with physical ailments, and those who need surgery. You can use this game to have the child select a person with an ailment close to the body part of the game they are trying to remove. Pray over that need and if they get buzzed, keep praying for that person until someone gets the part out without being buzzed.

You can also pray simple prayers of blessing over these parts of the body, including such things as God touching our minds (brain) with wisdom in our decisions and situations we face.


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