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Virtual Prayer Walks

Prayer walking helps you become aware of situations in an area that you may not be aware of without being closer to the situation. Many times we drive through parts of our town without taking notice of what is happening or even the types of businesses along our route because it is so familiar. The same can be true of our prayers for other countries. Something that can create awareness of needs in another country is a virtual prayer walk. These walks are actually very easy to put together and you would not need to leave your home town to prayer walk in China, Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, Central America or even the town 30 miles away.

One way you can have a virtual prayer walk is to make posters using clip art representing architecture in the place you are focusing on. If you have access to an overhead projector you can trace the image onto poster board and color. Another way is to collect photos from the area and print them off on 8.5 x 11 paper. A final way would be to insert pictures into a Power Point presentation.

Just remember that as well as having big faith, kids have big imaginations. It is not hard for them to place themselves in another location to pray for it. Once we were working with a group of 3 to 5 year olds. We were going to pray for China. The way we got in the spirit of things and found things to pray for was by taking a plane ride and boarding a bus. While we were riding on the bus we watched a short clip about China and that was the scenery we passed while riding.


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