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Building Altars – Idea

It is important to build an altar in your life and it is also important for children to understand that concept. When we taught this lesson at our local church we asked the kids if they knew any stories from the Bible that talked about altars. We asked the kids what an altar was. Then we shared the story in Joshua chapter four about the altar that was built after crossing into the promise land. We also shared what an altar was to us (the teachers). While we were talking we allowed the kids to build altars using Magnetix (you can use anything that will stack to build). By the time we had read the Scripture reference and all shared in the question and answer time the kids had each built an altar. Each one looked slightly different (see our photo gallery below). That helped illustrate that while there is an altar at church we each need an altar in our life and that each one will look different. We ended our lesson with quite time.

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