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Tips for an Effective Altar Service

  Your altar time needs to relate to what you preached about. As you prepare your sermon, ask the Holy Spirit to show you what would be the most effective altar call to tie into it. Music is a critical part of setting the atmosphere. Carefully select ONE worship song where the lyrics tie in as closely as possible to your sermon's theme. Have it playing in the background. You can use CD

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Altar working with kids

Get on the kids level. Don’t tower over them.Find out their name and ask them what they are praying for. If they are praying for the Holy Spirit make sure they have repented. If they have not lead them in a simple repeat-after-me prayer for repentance.Make sure they don’t have gum or candy. If they do ask them to spit it out (you may want to have a tissue handy). If they are not willing to giv

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Building Altars – Idea

It is important to build an altar in your life and it is also important for children to understand that concept. When we taught this lesson at our local church we asked the kids if they knew any stories from the Bible that talked about altars. We asked the kids what an altar was. Then we shared the story in Joshua chapter four about the altar that was built after crossing into the promise land. We

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