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Getting Emotional with God

Let’s face it… humans are emotional creatures! In the course of one day we can experience a mirade of emotions, from one end of the spectrum to the other. One minute we can be happy and the next sad. Some of us experience more emotions than others, but regardless of how much we show emotion, we all have emotion. 

God created us in His image; He is an emotional God. Often our prayer time is full of intercession, requests, and words of worship, as is fitting. But how often do we share the emotional side of our humanity? Scripture teaches us that God wants us all of us, not just a part. This means that He also wants us to share our ideas, our feelings, our interests, and even our emotions.

Emotions are a natural part of our relationships with others, and should also be a natural part of our relationship with God. Rather than hide our emotions, or withhold them as if God is not interested, we can share what we feel, when we feel it, and even how we feel it, as long as it’s done with respect. Strong feelings that are surpressed will eventually find a way to be expressed, but sometimes to a fault. When emotions (that negatively affect us) are bottled up for long periods of time and then finally realeased, it can cause loss of control and have damaging effects. Instead, if we get into the habit of being open with God about our feelings as we go through life, the more He can help us, and the more of a relationship with Him we will build.

Negative emotions are not the only type we should share with God. As we encounter our happy moments, excitement, wonder, confusion, peace, and more, we can share these with Him and how they affect our life. God is intereseted in our life, not just our requests.

Children abound with emotion. In training them to pray they need to know that they can share their feelings (good and bad) with God and He will listen and care. The more of a “safe” environment we help them find in their prayer time with God, the more they will feel comfortable returning to it.

During a recent Kids Prayer training night, I brought in a paper that showed different facial expressions. The kids enjoyed mimicking the faces and sharing their stories of when they felt a particular emotion we were discussing. With each one, we discussed how they could take the situation that they shared and turn it into a conversation with God. They were able to express their giggles with God, their smiles, tears, fears, worry, guilt, embarrassment and more. Suddenly, it was as if a whole new part of God opened up to them – a God who cared about who they were. They found a “new” friend.

I have included below some of the emotions that we talked about. As you progress in your relationship with God, consider inviting Him into your emotions – both the good and the bad. As you train your children, or ministry groups, invite them into this relationship journey along with you. Perhaps you too will find yourself saying simple phrases like mine: “Thank you God for this coffee that I’m enjoying this moment.” 🙂





Colleen Clabaugh

World Network of Prayer
Kids & Youth Prayer Coordinator


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