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Aftermath of the Storm

Storms can bring disaster and chaos into the lives of people in their path. A storm doesn’t care who you are, where you live, what name you have, or how successful or wealthy you are. They just happen. 

There are natural storms and there are emotional storms we all face at times. Children need to be trained that during these times they are to turn to God to help them. We can prepare for storms, but sometimes no matter how well you prepare, you will still face the aftermath of its violence. 

This week, the East Coast is being plummeted by hurricane Sandy. One hurricane merging with another storm from the north is creating a super storm that is feared to be the worst on record. While millions of people have prepared, they will still have to face the wrath of a storm they did not invite. Storms come and go, but God always remains.

Use the attached lesson to discuss storms with your children. You can also search the internet for coloring pages on storms for younger children.

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