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Kids Camp in Santo Domingo

Kids Prayer
Dominican Republic
Kids Camp
August 2013

Kid’s Camp in Santo Domingo, D.R. began with a special service on Friday night. This was followed by a 2 hour slot on Saturday morning for Kids Prayer. There were 45 or so children present. When the 2 hours were up, they were so engaged with what we were doing that it did not matter if lunch was ready or not. We actually went a half hour into over-time and I think they could have gone longer. We had a service that evening and again on Sunday morning. There were at least 2 girls that received the Holy Ghost during the night services.

Saturday morning, the Kid’s Prayer session began with the Pop-Corn game of pairs standing far apart and then taking a step closer each time they threw a kernel of popcorn to their friend. When they stood face to face and handed the popcorn to their partner they all looked up with a “that was easy”, puzzled look on their face. That is when we talked about how we must get “close” to the Lord and not to be far away, so that he will hear our prayers. We need to get into his presence. There was a sweet hush that came over the entire audience, as they thought about that statement. It was a great entrance to Kid’s Prayer.

From there we immediately went into defining the #1 job the Lord has given to children. That’s right (all you Kid’s Prayer people know exactly what I am talking about) ☺ Psalms 8:2. We learned a great song that says “I am crazy for my King”. There was lots of action, jumping, shouting and just being crazy for Jesus. They LOVED it! Even the next day when we asked questions (and gave prizes) about the things they learned the majority knew the answers. Yes, their Number 1 job is to Worship Jesus! (we taped 3 long pieces of colored streamers together and gave everyone a praise ribbons) It was a lot of fun.

Then we did Alphabet prayers. Everyone had a paper plate and a few crayons. On one side of the plate they wrote words of adoration about Jesus. He is my King, my best friend, Prince of Peace, etc. They did AWESOME!

Next we learned about Matthew 6:33, praying for others. We did the Amen (let it be so), Ya Man (Jamaica) , Hike (Japan) with the action of chopping, YES (English) doing a high five, Si Señor with a fist pulling down at the end of our prayers. From that moment on, anyone that prayed in the microphone choice one of the special amen’s.

Next was the 10/40 Window and M&M prayers. They LOVED praying in the microphone and were so sincere. There was not a one child that was not totally engaged in what we were doing. They did not even need and help or “repeat after me” prayers. I was shocked! They took turns praying for the Buddhist, Hindu and of course the orphan. They turned their paper plate over for a place to put their M&M’s. (At 100+ degree weather they DO melt in your hands) ☺

Then we did the prayer bags. (Tiny Ziploc bags with 7 cutout items inside) 1. A church/school (we prayed for their pastors, teachers, school), 2. a gingerbread man shape (prayed for children around the world that were starving or needed to know who Jesus is), 3. a fish shape (prayed for fishers of men, more pastors, food for the hungry, Jesus for the hungry souls), 4. a heart shape (asked the Lord to help them love their neighbor, the sick, those that had hurt them), 5. a hand (we prayed for more hands to work, hands to praise, and hands to serve), 6. a smiley face (the Holy Ghost, it makes our spirit happy), 7. a blank rectangle (one side is a thank you to Jesus and the other for a prayer request or need). The children came up with what we could pray for when they pulled out each item. They were amazing!

Most of the time that I have had the opportunity to teach Kid’s Prayer it has been to adult teachers. I think this was the first time I actually got to teach the children themselves. WHAT A JOY! The idea that they can talk to Jesus just like they talk to their best friend hit home to them. They TOTALLY “got it”.

I feel honored to have been able to take Kid’s Prayer to yet another nation. That Sunday night in a local pastor’s church in Santo Domingo, several children came up to me with a huge smile, a hug and a thank you for teaching them how to pray for everything! It was an unforgettable journey for sure.

Years ago, I promised the Lord that where he led me I would follow. I never dreamed that I would have such an amazing experience in the island nation of the Dominican Republic, teaching Kid’s Prayer. THANK YOU, Angie Clark for teaching me the “Seven Essentials of Kid’s Prayer” and so much more! I love teaching Kid’s Prayer!

Sis. Lynne Jewett
Children’s Ministries Coordinator
Central America/Caribbean/Mexico

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