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Prophetic Words about Kids Prayer

We wanted to share the tongues and interpretations and prophetic word that went forth at the 2012 Summons to Sacrifice Conference during the adult session on Friday morning. God is pleased with what you are all doing in kids prayer!!!

Tongues & Interpretation #1:
“Because Israel had no father and mother, Eli did not train his sons to know me. I had to raise a Samuel. A Samuel to bring forth my word to turn a generation back to me. Yea I say, will you transfer my burden and my vision? Will you be my Samuel? Will you rise up with My Word in your belly and My Spirit upon your lips? To send forth the fruit, to send the food of my presence to those who are hungry and starving and anguishing. Be my Samuel, says the Lord.”

Tongues & Interpretation #2:
“Behold if you will not be afraid to flow in the spirit, if you will lift your hands to me I will use you. I have trained you and so you shall train others. Do not be afraid to flow in the power of my word. I will instruct you what you are to say. I will instruct you what you are to do. I do have a great army; an army of young people that I am raising up in this last generation. They shall experience my glory. They shall experience my power. They shall experience my anointing. But you must not be afraid to teach them the way that they should go. You must not be afraid to show them what I have shown you. I am your God. I am their God. And I will rule over both, saith the Lord.

Prophetic Word:
“In the Name of the Lord, son of man, prophesy to the valley of dry bones. And I will raise up an exceeding great army, if you will speak to the children. Prophesy to their future. Speak over the children. What would you have me to do? What do you see, son of man. Is there not an army ready to be raised up? But you must open your mouth. You must declare the works of my hand and speak over the children. Prophesy over the children. Declare over the children the army I have raised up.”


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