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In It Not Of It – Idea

Items needed:
Key rings
Black Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Clear beads or clear blue beads (about ten per child)
Black beads (about twenty per child)

This is a great object lesson you can use to illustrate and the kids can use as a reminder that we are to be separate from the world. Give each child a key ring and two pieces of black ribbon and one piece of red ribbon. (Depending on the time you have and the age of the kids the ribbon can already be tied onto the key rings.) Then instruct the kids to put the black beads on the black ribbon and the clear beads on the red ribbon. Ask the kid what they think black represents (sin) and what the red represents (the blood of Jesus). Then explain how the red ribbon and clear beads represents them. Even thought the world is covered in sin they can be separate and holy for God in the midst of the sinful world.

Submitted by: Amberle Kaiser and Lyn St. John (c) 2010


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