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Making Room for Kids

(published in the Christian Educator  magazine) Jesus said, “My house will be called an house of prayer…” Making room for kids in His house of prayer is not only possible, but there is a simple plan your church can follow. Step One: Make room by changing the way you pray. There is a dynamic that comes when children pray in earnest with simple faith...and simple words. Kids’ prayers

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Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry?

We want our kids to pray, but do they really need a "kids prayer ministry?" 6 Reasons for a Kids Prayer Ministry... Scripture declares the importance of children’s involvement in the Kingdom of God. From silencing the enemies of God (Psalm 8:2) to signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18, Joel 2:28) to leading in worship (II Chronicles 29:10-11) children have a place in the Body of Christ. Too many time

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