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Broken Tools

During a recent devotion we talked about tools, and how God uses us to fulfill different purposes in His kingdom. A few months prior I had bought a house out in the country with a big yard that had not been properly taken care of by the previous owner. The bushes, weeds, and trees had grown up and had not been pruned causing me to spend much of my free time hacking, clipping, cutting and sawing aw

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Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry?

We want our kids to pray, but do they really need a "kids prayer ministry?" 6 Reasons for a Kids Prayer Ministry... Scripture declares the importance of children’s involvement in the Kingdom of God. From silencing the enemies of God (Psalm 8:2) to signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18, Joel 2:28) to leading in worship (II Chronicles 29:10-11) children have a place in the Body of Christ. Too many time

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Use Me Too!

If you can use anything Lord you can use me. Right? How often do our children hear this song or phrase used in church and think, “Well God can use me but not until I am 16.” Why do most children think this way? Is it because that is what they were told or because that is just the way things seem to work. “I know I can help lead in children’s church, once I am in sixth grade.” Sometimes I

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