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Back-to-School Prayer

Since school is starting for a majority of children and young people this month, we'd like to leave you with some prayer points that you can use in your church, home and kids prayer ministry group. Praying for schools... Help our teachers be men and women of integrity and character. Make our schools platforms for learning virtue and practicing it. Give our kids a heart for God that is unapo

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National Day of Prayer

It is God’s will for Christians to be good citizens. We are to obey the laws of the land. We are to respect those in public office. And we are to pray for government officials. The annual National Day of Prayer is coming May 5th, 2011. This is great opportunity for kids to get involved in something that is bigger than just their local church group.As you train your kids to pray, have them pray o

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Prayer Guide for the Japan Disasters Thumbnail

Prayer Guide for the Japan Disasters

HOW CAN KIDS SO FAR AWAY HELP JAPAN? It’s hard not to want to help when you see disasters like the ones in Japan happening. You want to give, you want to help, but you are so far away. What is the best thing you can do? You can PRAY! Prayers can go anywhere at anytime to any person. You may not live in Japan but you can pray for those that do, and as soon as you pray God can start helping.

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