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The Exclamation Points of Prayer Thumbnail

The Exclamation Points of Prayer

“No, I don’t want to.” “Do I have to?” “I hate it.” “I’m too tired.” “It’s boring.” Versus… “Whoa!” “Awesome!” “Amazing!” “Cool!” “No way!” If we were to choose to between someone saying the first phrases about us over the latter, I assume most of us would choose the latter. Wide eyes and exclamation points of excitement should make

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Getting Emotional with God Thumbnail

Getting Emotional with God

Let's face it... humans are emotional creatures! In the course of one day we can experience a mirade of emotions, from one end of the spectrum to the other. One minute we can be happy and the next sad. Some of us experience more emotions than others, but regardless of how much we show emotion, we all have emotion.  God created us in His image; He is an emotional God. Often our prayer time is full of intercession, requests, and words of worship, as is fitting. But how often do we share the emotional side of our humanity? Scripture teaches us that God wants us all of us, not just a part. This means that He also wants us to share our ideas, our feelings, our interests, and even our emotions. (more…)

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Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Withhold Reprimanding in Prayer Thumbnail

Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Withhold Reprimanding in Prayer

It's great to understand that we can be absolutely honest, and open with God at all times. I'm so thankful for the safety we have, and that kids have, in our relationship with Him. I don't always get prayer right. Much of what I originally learned about prayer was done through watching others - people who made mistakes as well. That's not to say that each of these people I emulated was wrong because many of them had great prayer disciplines and consistency that are vital. However, sometimes prayers were emotionally driven rather than scripturally based. Sometimes prayers were limited to timeframes, rules, methods, and lists where it was ONLY a discipline and not a desire. Sometimes prayers were measured by eloquent words or the loud and dramatic way it was presen

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Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Be Real Thumbnail

Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Be Real

As we recently learned, prayer can be simple. There is no special formula or method. There are no tried and true 12-step programs; there is simply, prayer.  The more we realize how simple it is, the more freedom we will have it exploring it, and thereby, exploring God. God is our friend. God knows us. God knows our life. When we talk with our best friend about our life, we share everything. We talk about the good times, and the bad. We express our emotions, our thoughts, our anger, and all the other host of emotions, responses, and questions that come along with it. We talk about our disappointments as well as our successes. We are real. Rarely are people best friends with someone who they have to pretend around. God is absolute Truth; He will not pretend. He w

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Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Be Simple Thumbnail

Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Be Simple

In our last lesson in this series we covered the method of "Modeling Prayer" as an adult, parent, or trainer. Modeling prayer is vital in the learning process of children, but it goes beyond that. Although we must show by example a prayerful life, we also have to show it in a way that can be replicated. If I took a grade school child and set them all day under a college professor to learn, most people would think I was crazy. Long auditory lectures often bore some of the most intellectual adult minds I know, much less a young child. A child's brain is not developed enough to be able to understand big words, complex phrases, or abstract concepts. They take words literally. If I talk about the "God's blood covering me" a very child may become scared or grossed out

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