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Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Be Simple

In our last lesson in this series we covered the method of "Modeling Prayer" as an adult, parent, or trainer. Modeling prayer is vital in the learning process of children, but it goes beyond that. Although we must show by example a prayerful life, we also have to show it in a way that can be replicated. If I took a grade school child and set them all day under a college professor to learn, most p

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It’s that Simple!

I think a lot about prayer.When I was a kid my mother prayed, so as a child I too I learned to pray. As I grew older I learned to "perfect" prayer. As an adult I learned to teach others how to pray. Then one day I actually listened to that deep, nagging voice in the crevices of my soul that was whispering, "You don't really know what you are doing, do you? There's more to this... more to prayer."

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