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Kids Prayer Seminar 2011 DVDS

Click here to order your copy of the 2011 Kids Prayer Seminar in DVD format.

Topics include:

Child  Psychology and Behavior

Teaching Methods

Ministry Burnout

How to Start a Kids Prayer Ministry

Kingdom Praying

Worship in Prayer

Hearing God Speak

Praying for Healing

Scripture Praying

Children and the Holy Spirit

The Armor of God

Leading Kids in Dynamic Worship

Using Drama, Media and Thematic Elements

Creative Ideas for Kids Prayer

Parental Involvement in Kids Prayer

Worldview Praying

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    I love kids , if i do not take proper care of the kids the future will not be beter for me and the others.
    Some said that the kids are the leaders of tomorrow…They are right but for me i have to let them know how to lead now , so that they could be able to lead in the future…