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He’s Going Down!

I must confess, helping teach a kids prayer class has made me realize that I didn’t know quite as much as I thought about prayer. I find myself being taught by them more and more.

A few weeks ago, we were teaching on the armor of God. I particularly liked this lesson because I have been a long-time advocate of praying the Word. One of the teachers was talking about using the ‘Sword of the Spirit.’ She mentioned what a powerful weapon it was when you began to pray the Word of God – using it to fend off the enemy or to attack them offensively. While I sat there deep in my own deep thoughts about the subject, one of the kids said something incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful. Wide-eyed – and connecting the dots in his young mind – Josh yelled out, “Yeah! And the Devil don’t have no armor, so our sword will take him out real fast!”

Wow! Suddenly I began to envision how helpless someone without armor would be if attacked by a sword. Josh was right, they wouldn’t last long at all.

I know the enemy has power, but I think we sometimes forget how much MORE power God has. If His Word is correct, WE have that same power. Josh painted a picture in my mind and my heart that I won’t soon forget. I don’t have to be afraid of the enemy; he doesn’t have any armor, but I do!

Next time the enemy bothers me, he’s going down. Thanks Josh.

Lisa Marshall

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