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Aftermath of the Storm

Storms can bring disaster and chaos into the lives of people in their path. A storm doesn't care who you are, where you live, what name you have, or how successful or wealthy you are. They just happen.  There are natural storms and there are emotional storms we all face at times. Children need to be trained that during these times they are to turn to God to help them. We can prepare for storms,

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The Time is Now! Thumbnail

The Time is Now!

A blood-curdling scream cut through the noise and chaos that roared around the group like an angry monster about to pounce on its prey. The sound of the fury engulfing them sent their hearts racing with fear and their minds running with panic. Time seemed to stand still as the angry teeth of the tornado lashed out all around them, tearing to shreds the peaceful lives they lived just moments ago. H

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