The Bigger Picture

Earthquakes, tsunamis’, government coups, sickness, incurable diseases – it seems like this all we hear about in the news. Sometimes it makes praying easier because there is a lot to pray for. Many times I will hear about something on the news and say a quick prayer for the situation but when I do that I don’t always think of people who might be affected that are not mentioned on the news. For instance a loved one that lives far away but is still in shock because of a death. Or someone who has family in an other state or country that has been effected by a natural disaster. I forget to look at the bigger picture.

When we bring needs to our kids prayer groups let’s try to help them see the bigger picture. If you know of anyone who has family in an area remember to pray for them. If you know of missionaries in countries or people traveling to countries. Kids will find it easier to relate to situations if you can have them put themselves in the story. For instance have them imagine what it would feel like if they lost their house and family. I have found that if I am helping the kids see the bigger picture then I see it more often as well.

Use this object lesson in teaching this concept!


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