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13 year old girl charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

(ICC) 28 Sept 2011 – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that yesterday more than 50 Muslim leaders in Havelian, Pakistan demanded that police charge a 13-year-old Christian girl with blasphemy after she misspelt a word while writing about Muhammad. Faryal Bhatti mistakenly used the word laanat (curse) instead of naat (hymn) while answering a question about a poem that praised Muhammad. The 8th grader was then expelled from school for blasphemy and now remains in hiding with her family due to Muslim threats. “Christians are gripped with fear because of this incident. Muslims clerics are very angry. Muslims want the Christians to leave the area,” said a Christian resident of Havelian in an interview with ICC. According to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, blaspheming Muhammad is a crime punishable by death. The law also states that desecrating the Quran, which is considered blasphemy, is a crime punishable by life imprisonment.
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  • Pray for Muslims to have the truth that God is God alone, not Muhammad.
  • Pray for missionaries and ministers to have safe opportunities to share the gospel with them.
  • Pray that Muslims who are converting to Christianity would be protected and be able to live their new faith without fear.
  • Pray that leaders of Muslim countries would be converted and would help to change the laws against Christianity for God’s good.
  • Pray that through these situations of persecution God would be glorified and become more talked about.

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  • KP Admin says:

    This is a great request to have your kids ministry group pray over. This will help them also see how blessed so many are that have freedom of religion, freedom to talk about God, attend church and read their bibles since so many in other countries do not.