Product: 7 Essentials of Kids Prayer

“At this moment you are being beckoned to raise up children, perhaps your own, who will pray and be a part of bringing the harvest into the kingdom. You have a growing sense that your children need to join he prophetic fervor that is rising among the nations for the return of Jesus… You need not be the world’s foremost prayer warrior to train children in prayer. Just be someone with heart for children and the harvest, and an anointing to carry you through. God is pouring out His spirit on all flesh. Sons and daughters will prophesy (Joel 2:28). Don’t you want the “sons and daughters” to be children you know?” – AC

7 Essentials of Kids Prayer is a program designed to teach leaders how to instill core prayer concepts in children in ways that they can understand, and ways that they will use. The book can be purchased from the World Network of Prayer. The seminar may be taught by WNOP staff in your area. Contact us for more information.