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“When I Grow Up…”

I have often heard the phrase, “Children are the church of tomorrow.” I wholeheartedly agree. One day they will be leading, pastoring churches, running ministries, taking the gospel to foreign nations as missionaries, leading worship, and all the things that our adults are doing now. However, the statement in itself is incomplete. Yes, they are the “church of tomorrow” and worth investing

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Preserving Our Heritage

Baking is one of my passions in life. My family is well aware of this fact, and presented me with a KitchenAid mixer last Christmas. With this gift came a free subscription to a publication that is full of delicious new recipes to try. One article caught my eye. The author was talking about the passion he had for "starter." Centuries ago, someone discovered that yeast is alive and can be cultivat

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Kids Prayer Article Interview

Click here to read the  in the Indiana Bible College magazine, written by Linda Schreckenberg.   

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The Purpose of a Kids Prayer Ministry

Before starting a kids prayer ministry you need to have a good understanding of why it’s important. If we were asked the question, “How many of you prayed for a child lately?” most of us would raise our hand. If we were asked, “How many of you have ever told a child to pray?” again, most of us would raise our hand. When asked “How many of you recently prayed with a child and trained t

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Creative Prayer

God created the world. God created life as we know it out of nothing. God is creative. God imaginative. God is unique. God is not boring. God made us in His image. Therefore, we were made to be creative, imaginative, unique, and not boring. Our time with God in prayer is an extension of who we are, so prayer should include all the adjectives just mentioned as well. It was never meant to be rigid,

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