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By Fayetta Holt

Scott Adams once wrote “You don’t have to be a “person of influence” to be influential.  In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they’ve taught me.”

Just as Timothy was influenced by the faith of his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice, so was I greatly influenced by my grandmother and my mother.

One of the lessons I learned from my mother that stayed with me through my life, was “it’s never too late to pray”.  My siblings and I were running late one morning and the bus was in front of our home.  We were about to race out the door saying “we’re late….we’re late”.  Mother gathered us together to pray and said “it’s never too late to pray.”  It’s amazing how many times throughout my life that these words have come to me.

We have always made a practice of having devotions with our children as they were growing up.  Just recently, I received a phone call from a friend of one of my daughters when they were in the first grade. My daughter had invited her to our home at different times.  She told me what an impression it made on her young life for us to include her in our family devotions.  She said her family had never done this; however, she had determined that when she grew up and had a family she was going to have devotions with her children before they went to bed.  She is now doing this with her family.

Her phone call reminded me, that what was a normal practice in our home, became an unintentional influence in a young girl’s life.  Now, some thirty years later, her children are being taught the importance of prayer in their home.

Mother had no idea when she emphasized the importance of taking time to pray, that she not only was influential in her children and her grandchildren’s lives,  but also the effects of her influence went on to her grandchild’s friend and now to her children.

Remember Moms…you don’t have to be a “person of influence” to be influential.  Prayer is important…and ” it’s never too late to pray”.

The Unpredictable Lesson http://www.kidsprayer.com/adults/articles/the-unpredictable-lesson/ Tue, 15 Mar 2011 04:45:14 +0000 http://new.kidsprayer.com/?p=3317 ]]> “You just think you know it all! Smartie-pants!” These are familiar words spoken by children on playgrounds, in households, and backyards. They are cruel words and yet often full of absolute truth –  no one likes a Know-It-All.

There is a common mindset among many of the successful that simply states, “I’ve finally arrived; I am the best.” Prideful looks and haughty spirits cause Big-I-Little-You relationships that crush and belittle the Little-Yous that are simply trying to do the best they can with what they know. The title ‘Amateur’ is whispered while ‘Professional’ is plastered on business cards, office doors, and signature-lines. Stature is often weighed by the number of titles and degrees behind or in front your name.

A subtle version of this is sometimes found buried in the hearts of teachers, preachers, parents and mentors – leaders – that says, “I know what I’m doing; I don’t need any help. I’ll do it my way.” But do we really know it all? Stop and for sixty seconds just asked yourself that question. Seriously… stop.

It’s hard. It’s pointed. It kills our pride and brings us back to our humanity. We aren’t perfect, and none of us have really arrived. I can’t recall one person who has the magic formula for getting prayers answered every single time. I don’t know anyone who knows the will of God for every situation. I don’t know of a perfect pray-er. Prayer isn’t something you attain, it’s something you do; it’s communication with God, and sometimes the answers are unpredictable.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know everything and when I think I know much I find that I know less than I did before… yet, I am a teacher –  a leader. How can I teach a prayer ministry or how can I lead kids if I don’t know what to do in every situation? I lead by praying for God’s wisdom, putting myself in tune with God’s Spirit and sharing what He’s given me. I open my mind and heart and allow God to lead me, and then I lead others.

When was the last time you asked God to teach you something? When was the last time you asked God, or even another mentor in your life how you were doing and if there was anything you could  do better? Do you even have a mentor or do you “know-it-all” already and don’t have the need to change anything? When was the last time you listened to someone else with a genuine spirit of openness and tried to learn? Ask yourself: “Can I lay aside what I think I know, and learn it all over again? Can I do it better? What do YOU think about what I’m doing, God?”

I asked God again tonight because I still don’t know it all, and probably know less now than when I started writing this article. I prayed this simple prayer:

I am human. I am so far from perfect.
I have learned much during the years I’ve walked with you, but I still don’t have all the answers.
I’m sorry for the pride I’ve had at times, thinking I knew the right things to say or do
I often acted without even seeking your opinion
Teach me again. If I am going to teach others then help me to know Truth as you have given it and not just what others have said
Help me to hear your voice above all the noise and voices
I want to do it right. I want to do it effectively. I want to do it your way.
Give me wisdom, above wealth, prestige, popularity, or accolades.
Speak to me again.

Life and humanity are unpredictable, but God is not. Ask His opinion; you might learn something that you can teach others.


Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry? http://www.kidsprayer.com/adults/articles/why-have-a-kids-prayer-ministry/ Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:49:22 +0000 http://new.kidsprayer.com/?p=3173 Related posts:
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We want our kids to pray, but do they really need a “kids prayer ministry?”

6 Reasons for a Kids Prayer Ministry…

Scripture declares the importance of children’s involvement in the Kingdom of God. From silencing the enemies of God (Psalm 8:2) to signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18, Joel 2:28) to leading in worship (II Chronicles 29:10-11) children have a place in the Body of Christ. Too many times they are relegated to back rooms and basements and if they have their own worship area, they end up segregated from the rest of the body 75% of time. It is important that children receive age-appropriate training, but the ultimate goal of that training is integration into the Body of Christ…not solely preparation for future service.

The Same Holy Spirit resides in them. When children are filled with the Holy Spirit, they do not receive the Holy Spirit, Jr. The same Holy Spirit that fills adults, fills children. The problem is, too many times we base our understanding of spiritual growth dynamics on the physical world. In the case of children, their ability to mature spiritually is in a kind of hyper drive that we can’t comprehend when we are boxed in by our experiences in the physical world. Two and three year olds can hear the voice of God and obey; four year olds can intercede with understanding; elementary aged children can actually begin leading in worship and prayer.

The “Body” needs their prayer power. Imagine the Kingdom of Light advancing with double strength overnight. If I could, I would flip a switch to activate all children currently receiving spiritual training to answer the call of the Spirit; our ranks would double or triple in a moment. Your local church needs their prayer power and expansive faith and so does the global Body of Christ. Think about it. What would happen if every kid in your church began to pray in earnest and in the Spirit? What would happen if suddenly their boundless faith was released to benefit the Kingdom?

This generation demands to be included. According to studies and research, the Millennials generation (Millenials Rising) is a generation that is demanding inclusion. “…born after 1982…as a group, Millennials are unlike any other youth generation in living memory. They are more numerous, more affluent, better educated, and more ethnically diverse. More important, they are beginning to manifest a wide array of positive social habits that older Americans no longer associate with youth, including a new focus on teamwork, achievement, modesty, and good conduct.” They are the ones who organized the neighborhood prayer vigils after 9/11; they are the ones who raised untold thousands in schools for tsunami victims in early 2005. Their actions put them in a position to be greatly used by society but most importantly, by God.

Kids require training, not just teaching. Teaching is what we do for adults, training is what we need to be doing for children. When children come into this natural world, there are all sorts of training “modules” to help them navigate this existence. From potty training to making beds; from tying shoes to brushing teeth, training is required…and repeated over and over again. Now, contrast that with the kind of spiritual training kids are given. Who trains them in doing spiritual things? Sunday school teachers, parents, relatives, pastor?

Consider the “dark side.” For this last section, ask yourself, “How old does a child have to be to handle spiritual weapons?” Next consider that there are currently over 200,000 child soldiers worldwide engaged in a conflict right now. Young children are being taught to use grenades, machine guns, rifles, vest-bombs, and more. Those working on the dark side know the value of children. Why is it teenagers can participate in suicide bombings? They are trained at a young age to handle explosives and are told what to expect in the next life if they become martyrs. Have you taught a Bible story lately that compares to that? Has anyone put a spiritual weapon in the hands of a child recently that has the power spiritually equivalent to a dirty bomb? If not, then don’t you think it’s time for a kids prayer ministry in your church? The kids are ready. God is ready. Are you?

Tips for an Effective Altar Service http://www.kidsprayer.com/adults/articles/tips-for-an-effective-altar-service/ Sat, 08 Jan 2011 01:20:52 +0000 http://new.kidsprayer.com/?p=3205 Related posts:
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  1. Your altar time needs to relate to what you preached about. As you prepare your sermon, ask the Holy Spirit to show you what would be the most effective altar call to tie into it.
  2. Music is a critical part of setting the atmosphere. Carefully select ONE worship song where the lyrics tie in as closely as possible to your sermon’s theme. Have it playing in the background. You can use CDs or a live person.
  3. Use object lessons or visuals in your altar time like you do in your sermons.
  4. Turn the lights down to keep them focused and to add to the ambience of His presence.
  5. Don’t pray long boring prayers. Keep your prayers short, or you lose the kids. Altar times do not have to go more than 15-20 minutes to be effective.
  6. Give clear instructions and repeat them several times so they understand what it is you want them to do and why. Most of these kids are not raised in Christian homes.
  7. Don’t drag it out especially if no one is responding. Keep your eyes open so you can see how they are responding. Check the atmosphere-is there an anointing there or is it flat? Everybody has flat nights once in awhile. If they are not cooperating, and looking around or whispering in large numbers, you might as well quit.
  8. Don’t expect them to instinctively know how to pray or to worship. You may have to give them detailed instructions like, “OK, raise your hands and close your eyes so you can concentrate on God.” OK, now say this, “Hallelujah, I love you, Jesus!” Train them like you train a kid to brush his teeth or wash the dishes.
  9. As often as possible, if there’s time, give the kids a chance to share what God said to them, what they say, what they were feeling, etc. during prayer time. This is VERY important. It reinforces their experience.
  10. Schedule (example): Your sermon should start by 7:30 to 7:40 pm. You need to end your preaching by 8:00 pm. That gives you 15 to 20 minutes for altar time. By 20 after you should normally be done, and the kids should be getting their candy and their snacks. We want them going out the door and into their cars by no later than 8:30 pm, especially during the school year.

The altar services are probably the most significant parts of a weekly service; it’s one of tile biggest things that makes kids want to come back week after week.