Scribe’s Desk

What is a Scribe’s Desk? It is a place where you can write down things you hear from Jesus.

Do you have a Scribe’s Desk at your home or for your prayer group? It’s a very cool thing to have and very easy to use/maintain. All you have to do is listen for the voice of Jesus (by being very quiet/still) and find out what He is saying to you. Keep a notebook close by to write down your impressions, pictures in your mind, and thoughts/words.  If you need help learning how to do this, ask an adult to help.

KIDS PRAYER CAMP: Denver, CO (July 2005)
After explaining how Jesus speaks to our spirit, kids were allowed to come and write or draw what they felt God told them at any point in the sessions. Below are pictures.

Here are some more from other kids and groups:

New Life Center Prayer Summit New Life Center Prayer Summit - Bridgeton, MO - January 2005
UPC of W Palm Beach UPC of W Palm Beach - West Palm Beach, FL - April 2005
New Life Center Sunday School Class New Life Center Sunday School Class - Bridgeton, MO - April 2005
Charla - Come Out & Fight Charla - Come Out & Fight - 8 Yrs Old (obtain written permission before reproducing/copying)


Do you wait until your parents or teachers call your name three or four times before you obey them?
If so, then you may experience difficulty hearing the voice of Jesus in your spirit. Jesus will never raise His voice at you…so it is important to obey the first time He speaks to you.

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