Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry? Thumbnail

Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry?

Why Have a Kids Prayer Ministry? We want our kids to pray, but do they really need a "kids prayer ministry?"    6 Reasons for a Kids Prayer Ministry... Scripture declares the importance of children’s involvement in the Kingdom of God. From silencing the enemies of God (Psalm 8:2) to signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18, Joel 2:28) to leading in worship (II Chronicles 29:10-11) children have

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Idea for Teaching Small Children to Pray

Idea for Teaching Small Children to Pray For small children, make a picture album for them to have with them during prayer time. You can make one together, or simply purchase one at dollar store and have them add their photos. Put pictures of family, friends, a homeless person (symbolizing the poor), and a picture of the world. Include pictures of every day blessings to give thanks for: foo

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P. R. A. Y. E. R. Acronym Thumbnail

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Use the following to teach your child how to pray through the prayer model that Jesus taught (also known as the Our Father prayer pattern or Lord's Prayer). Praise “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.” This is an opening line of praise. It speaks of God who is both high above us (in heaven) and lovingly near to help (Our Father). In this petition, “hallowed be thy name,

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Prayer Stations Thumbnail

Prayer Stations

Prayer Stations Prayer stations are small learning centers set up around a room or church that have a theme for prayer. They utilize objects related to the theme that help to instruct or stimulate the mind of the person praying with what to pray for. The objects may be things as simple as a picture or elaborate as a full-scale replica of a soldier with armor. The benefit of prayer stations is

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This is a great time of year to take a group of children on a prayer walk in the park. Lead them in prayer for their city, neighborhoods, schools, friends, church, pastor, children of the world, etc. If there are people in the park, two or three of the children (with adult supervision) could approach them explaining they have gathered together for prayer and inquire if they have a special request

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